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Best Concrete Driveway Sealing Ballarat

Looking for quality concrete sealants in Ballarat?

Looking for a way to protect your concrete driveway from oil spills, corrosion, damage, and staining? Our concrete sealing services are the perfect solution for all your concrete protection needs. We apply a layer of concrete sealants over the top of your driveway that greatly lessens the absorption of materials and keeps them from passing through onto the concrete.

Designed to protect your concrete floors, our concrete sealing solutions are made of only the highest quality sealant products to ensure maximum longevity of your driveway and other concrete areas. The process of sealing old concrete floors is easy, seamless, and can be applied to both old and new driveways. If your driveway has recently been resurfaced, we typically have to wait 2 weeks for the moisture to evaporate out of the concrete to effectively seal it.

If you are looking for affordable driveway sealing in Ballarat, then look no further than Konkrete Co! We are your local trusted experts for all things concreting and have a wide range of sealant products and finishes that can be applied to your concrete. No matter the size of the job, big or small, we are your go-to Ballarat concrete sealers!

Concrete sealing in ballarat

Why should you get concrete sealing ballarat?

Everyday usage of your driveway makes it one of the features of your home or business that is most likely to get damaged, develop stains, become discoloured, or create dust. Having your driveway sealed professionally can significantly extend the lifespan of the concrete and make it look better for longer! In the long run, you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to spend on concrete repairs or potential resurfacing.

Our concrete sealants coat all types of concrete including plain concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, stenciled concrete, stained concrete, and coloured concrete. We have a sealing option for everyone's driveway, making us at Konkrete Co. the number 1 comprehensive choice for concrete protective coatings.

Types Of Driveway Sealants

When looking at coating your driveway with a protective layer, there isn't one solution that can be applied to every finish. Depending on the type of concrete, we will apply different variations of our sealants to best match the concrete's texture. If you aren't sure what sealant to use, do not worry! Our team of experts will happily educate you on the correct application to use for your driveway and give a free affordable quote to do so!

  • Epoxy Sealant
  • Penetrating Sealant
  • Fill-forming Sealant
  • Acrylic sealant
  • Water-based sealant
  • Siloxane concrete sealer

Here at Konkrete Co., we are your number 1 specialists for all things driveway coatings! Feel free to give our friendly team a call and book in a time to get your Ballarat driveway sealed today!


Need Ballarat Concrete Sealing?

Looking for expert concrete sealers in Ballarat? We are your go-to experts! Give our team a call today and book in your job.

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